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MKs Yariv Levin (Likud-Beytenu) and Orit Struk (Jewish Home) are the most active nationalist legislators, according to a semi-annual report by watchdog group Mattot Arim, a copy of which has reached Arutz Sheva several days before its public release. The report ranks the performance of nationalist MKs in the second half of 2013, giving high scores to legislators who are the most efficient and active.

"There is no magic to our scoring system," said volunteers from the group. "Scores are obtained by simply summing up, arithmetically and objectively, the number of achievements each MK accomplished or had a part in accomplishing."

The most active Likud-Beytenu MK was Yariv Levin, who the group notes brought 21 achievements to the nationalist camp, many in joint action with others. The highest score among Jewish Home MKs went to Orit Struk. Leading former Yisrael Beytenu MKs was Yair Shamir, while Nissim Ze'ev led Shas MKs.

Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri, who criticized Jewish Home and Likud-Beytenu for not showing up to vote on a bill requiring 80 MKs to permit Jerusalem concessions, and consequently allowing the bill to be defeated, was found to have zero achievements for the nationalist camp in the past 6 months.

The report listed the Jerusalem bill among accomplishments for MK Yakov Litzman (Shas) who initiated it, and noted that MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Beytenu) was the only nationalist camp MK to vote for the bill along with 11 Hareidi-religious MKs.

Feiglin was also the only nationalist MK to vote against a bill granting same-sex couples equal tax breaks. The bill was voted for by Likud-Beytenu, and Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett. The remaining 11 Jewish Home MKs left the hall to abstain.

Some other accomplishments noted in the report include Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman's drawing of international attention to Mahmoud Abbas's illegitimate title as Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman, given that his term ended years ago, and MK Ze'ev Elkin's (Likud-Beytenu) contribution to having the EU finally recognize Hezbollah as a terror organization.

Mattot Arim's findings appear to have an impact on elections. In the previous Knesset, then-minister Dan Meridor (Likud) was exposed as accomplishing "almost nothing" for the nationalist camp, and ended up losing his seat at the end of the term.

The group registered its shock over the peace talks managed by US Secretary of State John Kerry, and urged voters to influence the national agenda in elections.

"Anyone who is rightly concerned should please sign up for voting rights, particularly in the ruling party, Likud," advised the watchdog group. "Each ideological citizen who signs up now to vote in primaries, even electronically through party websites, gains influence."

Even from outside the Knesset, some former MKs have maintained their influence to promote the nationalist agenda.

Former MK Michael Ben-Ari and attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir, who ran on the Otzmah Leyisrael list in the last elections, petitioned the Supreme Court over Arab MK Hanin Zoabi's (Balad) participation in the Mavi Marmara Flotilla attack on the IDF in 2010, although the court rejected the petition.

Ben-Ari has criticized Jewish Home for remaining in the coalition even as terrorist murderers were freed, and claiming it did so to prevent the eviction of Judea and Samaria Jews. "Whoever doesn't leave the government of blood that frees predators who burned and murdered babies, women and men in an intoxication of murder, will not leave the government, even when they expel and uproot Jews," argued Ben-Ari.