The shattered windshield
The shattered windshieldShomron Regional Council

Wednesday morning Arabs threw rocks at the car of a resident of Karnei Shomron as she drove on Highway 55 in Samaria.

The driver, a 33-year-old mother of 4, briefly lost control of her car as the rocks shattered her windshield, showering her with broken glass.

"There's glass in my eyes and mouth," said the woman, noting "they threw the stone to kill me."

She called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to respond harshly to "the increase in attacks that aim to cut off the lives of residents."

Amid this increase in violence against Jews, there was also some violence reported in the Palestinian Authority (PA) village of Madma, where two cars were set on fire Wednesday night, and some malicious graffiti was sprayed on walls. Police are searching for suspects in the vandalism, who reportedly scrawled "Esh Kodesh, revenge."

The stone attack comes a day after Jews marching from Esh Kodesh to Givat Hayovel in protest of the IDF destruction of their vineyards were abducted and assaulted by an Arab mob. Border police sparked the march by destroying the vineyards using the "Disruptive Use Order," allowing the seizure of Jewish land even when no Arab claims the land.