Noam Glick
Noam Glick Courtesy of the family

Security forces have arrested a suspect in the stabbing of a nine-year-old Jewish girl, Noam Glick, in the community of Psagot on October 5.

The attack took place on a Saturday evening and was initially thought to have been a shooting attack. Magen David Adom paramedics gave Noam first aid as IDF forces began combing the area. She was then evacuated to Shaarei Tzedek hospital with what was initially described as a serious injury to her neck, but the injury turned out to be less serious than was originally believed and she quickly made a full recovery.

Judea and Samaria police disclosed Monday that the main suspect in the case is Abdallah Abu Kabita, 21, of El Bireh. A second suspect is Shibli Karan, 19, who was Abu Kabita's accomplice.

Abu Kabita told investigators that he had planned to break into a home in Psagot in order to steal a gun. He said that he needed the gun because of a personal quarrel.

He arrived at Psagot several days before October 5, along with Shibli, cut the fence and came close to a home, but turned back when he saw a car driving nearby.

On October 5, he set out to Psagot again – this time, alone. He entered through the same hole in the fence and headed toward the house closest to the fence, but then ran into Noam Glick, who was walking home. He stabbed the girl and escaped toward Ramallah.

Police insist that they still do not know whether the attack was nationalistically motivated or criminally motivated.

David Tzviel, Spokesman for Psagot, said at the time of the attack that the terrorist entered the yard where the girl had been playing, and that she said he had worn a balaclava.