Gaza (archive)
Gaza (archive) Reuters

Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft struck several targets in Gaza on Thursday night.

According to an IDF statement, the aircraft targeted a terror infrastructure site in central Gaza and three concealed rocket launchers in northern Gaza. All aircraft safely returned to their bases.

The airstrikes came several hours after a rocket launched by terrorists in the Hamas-ruled territory exploded in one of the communities along the Gaza security fence.

No injuries or damage were reported.

“Terrorist organizations have targeted Israeli civilians. The IDF will continue to act decisively as required against anyone who carries out terror against the State of Israel,” said the IDF statement.

Earlier on Thursday, a 16-year-old Gaza terrorist, who was trying to destroy the security fence, was shot in the leg by soldiers after he refused orders to desist.

The IDF released a statement noting that soldiers had found a number of terrorists trying to destroy the fence. Despite being ordered to stop numerous times, the terrorists continued their activities.

Only several days ago, the IAF struck multiple terror targets in Gaza, in response to the murder by a Gazan sniper of 22 year-old Salah Shukri Abu Latyef .

There has been a recent escalation in terror attacks, and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon has warned Hamas that Israel's patience with rocket attacks - and over its role in the wave of terror rolling across Israel - has begun to wane.

"I advise Hamas to not test our patience," Yaalon warned. "If there won't be quiet in Israel, there won't be quiet in Gaza either."

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has also issued a warning to Arab terrorists, saying that Israel should not be tested.