A 29-year-old Belz hassidic-religious Jew, who ran a store named Yossi's Wine and Liquor on 18th Avenue in the Jewish neighborhood of Borough Park, Brooklyn, was stabbed on Tuesday night in the course of a robbery at the store.

The stabber, who reportedly was a white male, possibly Russian, roughly 6 feet (1.82 meters) tall and wore a long black jacket, fled the scene and is being searched for by police and Borough Park Shomrim (a Jewish security group).

Meanwhile, the victim was evacuated to the Lutheran Trauma Center with a stab wound to the head, reports Yeshiva World News. His condition was defined as light, and he reportedly was later released.

The stabbing is the most recent in a series of attacks on Jews in Borough Park.

A month ago, a hareidi-religious 70-year-old Jew was cruelly beaten by two locals in the neighborhood, on the corner of 11th Avenue and 51st Street.

The attackers stepped out of their Toyota Camry car to beat the man for no apparent reason. After the man called out for help and people started approaching, the attackers fled in their car.

Meanwhile the anti-Semitic attacks known as the "knockout game," in which passersby who are generally visibly Jewish are randomly attacked with no warning by groups of youth, have been plaguing the Jewish neighborhoods of New York, including Borough Park.