Riots on the Temple Mount
Riots on the Temple Mount Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s court has sentenced local man Bassem Halaf to four months in prison for assaulting police officers in a riot.

Halaf was part of a Muslim mob that attacked police officers on the Temple Mount four months ago. During a riot, Halaf and others hurled heavy stones, wooden boards and other objects at officers at the holy site.

Halaf received a relatively light sentence after agreeing to a plea bargain under which he admitted to rioting and to attempting to attack a police officer. He will serve eight months of probation as well.

The Temple Mount riots in September were apparently aimed at driving Jews away from the holy site. Muslim leaders – including Members of Knesset – have encouraged Muslim worshipers to force Jews from the site.

On Monday, a Jerusalem court sentenced a second local Arab man to one year in prison in a separate attack on police officers. Nineteen-year-old Mohammed Dawiyat had been convicted of firing fireworks at a police vehicle.

The assault was committed while Dawiyat was supposed to be under house arrest for a different offense.