Michael Ben-Ari protesting release (file)
Michael Ben-Ari protesting release (file) Flash 90

Amid the looming third batch of terrorist releases in "gestures" for peace talks with the Palestinian Authority (PA), former MK Michael Ben-Ari accused the Jewish Home party of being partners in a "government of blood."

MK Shuli Muallem-Refaeli (Jewish Home) on Monday said that her party's "red line" is the eviction of Jews from Judea and Samaria, adding "Jewish Home is the Iron Dome of the government - and that is why we will not leave" the coalition over the release.

Ben-Ari attacked Muallem's comments on his official Facebook page Monday night, writing that Jewish Home isn't an "Iron Dome," but rather "an odorous garlic peel, wrapped in a fig leaf."

"Whoever doesn't leave the government of blood that frees predators who burned and murdered babies, women and men in an intoxication of murder, will not leave the government, even when they expel and uproot Jews," argued Ben-Ari.

Ben-Ari responded to the Jewish Home claim that "if we leave (the coalition), Shas and Labor will enter, and the release will still happen," stating "they chose to fill the role of (MK Shelly) Yachimovich (Labor), so long as they can sit in the government."

Jewish Home Chair Naftali "Bennett's claim that he's sitting at the 'helm of the government' is exposed time and again as someone who's been thrown in the trunk, still fantasizing that he's in the driver's seat," according to Ben-Ari.

By sitting in the coalition, Ben-Ari argues that Jewish Home has lost its morals and ideology, bringing down the nationalist movement for the sake of coalition money and prestigious positions in the government.

"Bennett and (MK Ayelet) Shaked will write harsh statuses (on Facebook), and continue supporting this government of blood," wrote Ben-Ari. "Shame on them."

Jewish Home, along with Likud-Beytenu, has recently drawn criticism for not attending a vote on a bill that would have prevented withdrawals from Jerusalem without the approval of 80 MKs. Consequently, the bill was defeated.

Similarly the "nationalist camp" parties were attacked for voting for or abstaining from the vote on a bill granting equal tax benefits to same-sex couples that was recently passed.

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