Singer Dudu Fisher gave a special performance recently: a unique concert for the residents of Beit Tovei Hair, a Jerusalem retirement home. 

"We have managed to bring the world-famous singer - who is all the time in the United States, and only some of the time in Israel," Evelyn Paluch, Marketing Manager for Beit Tovei Hair, noted to Arutz Sheva

Fisher's willingness to play at the event, despite his busy schedule, stemmed from a desire to give back. 

"I know that when I'll be sitting here, I will also want to hear wonderful shows and [watch] wonderful entertainers," Fisher explained.

600 people attended the event. The highlight: when Fisher was called back to the stage for an encore, accompanied by six members of the resident choir - all men in their eighties and nineties. 

"We are enjoying it very, very much," Paluch enthused. 

To see the full interview - and clips from the performance - watch the Arutz Sheva video above.