Hamas supporters hold copies of the Koran dur
Hamas supporters hold copies of the Koran durFlash 90

Fawzi Barhoum, the spokesman for the Hamas terror organization, warned Sunday against the continued “siege” of Gaza, and indirectly threatened that the Palestinian organizations will try to break the “siege” by force of arms.

Speaking in an interview for the December 29 issue of the Hamas publication “Palestine,” Barhoum said that the situation in Gaza is exceedingly difficult, in view of the fact that Egypt has blocked all of the tunnels that connected between Gaza and Egypt, and Israel has blocked traffic through checkpoints into Gaza.

Israel has meanwhile lifted the closure of the Kerem Shalom crossing, which had been shut down following the shooting of an Israeli man who had been working on fixing the security fence.

"We will not remain silent in the face of the continued tight siege of Gaza, and the iron fist being used against it on land, sea and air, and in all directions. If the siege continues, we will make all of them live up to their responsibility: the Occupation that enforces the siege, the Palestinian Authority or the Arab states," Barhoum warned.

Barhoum also said that the PA was never appointed to negotiate in the name of the Palestinian people. He stressed that Hamas is strongly opposed to negotiations with Israel, which undermine the national unity, the rights and the basic rights of the Arabs.