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Ron Prosor Flash 90

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, on Friday sent a letter to UN chief Ban Ki-moon and to the Security Council, demanding they condemn the ongoing incitement against Israel by the Palestinian Authority.

In the letter, Prosor pointed out that this incitement is a direct cause of the latest round of terror attacks against Israelis.

“This violence is proof that Palestinian incitement is having deadly consequences,” he wrote. “In classrooms, textbooks and houses of worship, messages of hate and intolerance are poisoning the hearts and minds of the next generation and having deadly consequences.”

“The results of this incitement can be seen” in the terror attacks of the past week, which included among others the bombing of a bus in Bat Yam, the sniper fire that killed 22-year-old Saleh Abu Latif near the border with Gaza and the daily rock attacks perpetrated by terrorists, noted Prosor.

“Just two days ago, the Secretary-General condemned the cross border fire from Gaza and the bus bombing that occurred earlier this week. Yet we have yet to hear President Abbas and the Palestinian leadership denounce these attacks,” he wrote.

“I urge the Security Council to condemn Palestinian violence and speak out against the rising tide of incitement. There cannot be peace in our region until there is peace and quiet on Israel’s borders,” added Prosor.

Peace talks between Israel and the PA resumed last summer, but that has not stopped the PA from inciting against Israel in its media and in public speeches given by its officials. Many of these incidents have been reported by Arutz Sheva.

In one such incident, PA TV broadcast a crudely anti-Semitic program legitimizing violence against Jews in Judea and Samaria - who were stereotyped as violent thieves. The end of the program glorified the humiliation of a religious Jew by cutting off his peyote side-curls, in a scene chillingly reminiscent of Nazi anti-Jewish propaganda.

Other broadcasts included a re-run of a music video encouraging violence against Israelis, and the glorification of the murderer of 61 Israeli civilians on the official Facebook page of Abbas' Fatah party.

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