Women in Green visit Boaz Albert's home
Women in Green visit Boaz Albert's home Women in Green

Around 50 members of the grassroots group Women in Green visited Boaz Albert's home in Yitzhar on Wednesday, accompanied by representatives of Professors for a Strong Israel.

Albert is currently in prison, having refused to be released until the administrative order preventing him from returning to his Yitzhar home is removed.

Albert was arrested and in the process stunned by taser following the order, which was issued without any explanation or justification, expelling him from his agricultural land during harvest season.

The visit was intended to support Albert's struggle against the draconic orders.

Women in Green gave the Albert family six olive, pomegranate and fig trees, along with construction tools, for them to plant and build in Yitzhar and strengthen the Jewish presence in the area.

The gifts were also intended as a birthday present to three children of the family who have their birthdays this month of Tevet in the Jewish calendar, which they will celebrate without their father.

Yehudit Katsover, co-head of Women in Green with Nadia Matar, said during the visit "we did not come to strengthen you, for you need no strengthening. You are strong and unshakable. We came only to say 'Thank you,' in the name of the people of Israel, for the struggle that Boaz is waging on all our behalf, for the values of freedom, justice, and integrity."

Katsover added that in contrast to the 'right-wing' camp in the government which has been flagging, Yitzhar has "constant spiritual ferment, that does not allow anyone to...forget the importance of Jewish possessions of the land of Eretz Yisrael."

This clarity of vision is "critical for all of us as a people and as individuals, especially in these days when there are those who raise question marks about our possession of the Jordan Valley, Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem," noted Katsover.

Dr. Navah Tavger, speaking for Professors for a Strong Israel, delivered a gift in the form of the book "My Hevron" which relates the struggle of her husband, Prof. Ben Tzion Tavger, to redeem the ancient Jewish cemetery in Hevron along with other Jewish sites in the city.  

"We were amazed by the strength manifested by Irit and the children in light of the harsh reality in which they have been living since the father's arrest," said Katsover and Matar. "It is uplifting to see a family bursting with mental and national health, a family that maintains its - and our - principles, and is prepared to pay a heavy price for this."

In their visit, the group called for the general public to visit Yitzhar and express support and solidarity with the Albert family. Before the visit ended, guests bought bottles of wine produced by Albert to support the family.

In a similar fashion to Albert, David Hai Hasidai, a nationalist activist from Beit El, was recently placed under an administrative order leaving him effectively under house arrest for the next six months without trial or cause. This is the third time Hasidai has received an order like this.

Women in Green visit Boaz Albert's house Women in Green