Bereaved mother Zahava Gilmore at Knesset to
Bereaved mother Zahava Gilmore at Knesset toScreenshot

A special meeting was organized by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon (Likud) Wednesday, in which MKs from various parties met bereaved mothers to express solidarity in opposing the looming release of 26 terrorists. 

The third batch of releases as part of "gestures" in the peace talks comes amid a terror wave since last Friday. Video from the meeting, which called on the government not to release terrorists, can be seen here:

Successive governments of Israel "have failed the Jewish people," according to Advocate Adrian Agassi, a former IDF judge who attended the meeting. Agassi argues that Israel is no longer a sovereign country, following foreign dictates over national interests.

Agassi's comments come as Palestinian Authority (PA) sources reveal US Secretary of State John Kerry is planning a January "offensive" to force Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to accept his security arrangement plans.

Meanwhile, a senior Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) official in November revealed that the PA is only staying in peace talks to free terrorists.

"How can our government allow murderers to be released from prison, especially (given) that their intention is to keep doing what they're doing?" commented Zahava Gilmore, a bereaved motherHer outrage is shared by many protesters who held a mass demonstration Wednesday in front of Netanyahu's house.

Bereaved father and current events analyst Dr. Aryeh Bachrach similarly criticized Netanyahu as being a "scoundrel," saying his terrorist releases and announced building tenders are all "an act to fool voters."

Gilmore added that the American government which is urging the terrorist releases wouldn't release terrorists itself, criticizing the hypocritical double standard.

Danon, who organized the meeting, commented that the release is immoral, and called on Netanyahu to cancel the decision.