ComputerFlash 90

The Jewish Media Group advertising firm is expanding its markets to include Israel. JMG, which works with organizations to conduct online marketing campaigns, specializes in reaching Jewish audiences in the English-speaking world. The firm, which has branches in New York and California, will open its Israel offices in Petah Tikvah.

The Israeli office manager will be Danny Gurwitz, a JMG partner. The managing director will be Amanda Kuperman, formerly deputy CEO of the Jerusalem Post Group.

Among JMG's more than 50 partner publishers are Arutz Sheva, the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz,, and many others. The organization provides services for a number of large clients, including Lufthansa, El Al, M&M, Sony, Rambam Hospital, Eldan, NYU, the Technion, Yad Vashem, the Jewish National Fund, and others. The company's database includes access to more than 1.5 million email address segmented into more than 47,000 customer preference groups.

Thanks to our relationships with our partners, and JMG's unique technology, we believe we are able to penetrate most English-speaking Jewish households around the world,” said Jess Dolgin, CEO and founder of the Jewish Media Group. The high penetration rate, he said, is accompanied by an extensive analysis system that allows the organization to target specific groups, based on age, income, education, family status, philanthropical level, buying habits, and more. “Such analysis allows us to increase the return on investment for clients among the various groups,” Dolgin said.

Dolgin added that the sites JMG works with have some 600,000 unique visitors a day, “and they represent the typical Jewish web user,” he said. “We can conduct successful campaigns to reach these specific web users, whether to raise money for philanthropical purposes or for business purposes. Most of the people visiting these sites have good levels of disposable income, are educated, and are influences in the Jewish communities in the U.S. and Europe. They are known for their philanthropical habits and are active buyers on web sales sites,” he added.