Terror site at Adam Junction
Terror site at Adam JunctionIsraeli Police Spokesperson's Office

Residents from the Binyamin region will be protesting Tuesday in response to Monday's terror attack at the Adam checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. 

The protest is being arranged by Avi Roeh, head of the Binyamin Regional Council. Protestors are called to meet at Adam Junction at 6:00 pm. 

"We will cry out against the continued increase in terror attacks, and against the continuation of negotiations despite the Palestinian Authority's refusal to condemn those attacks," Roeh stated. 

Earlier Monday, an Israeli police officer was moderately injured after being stabbed by an Arab terrorist at the checkpoint. The IDF chased the suspect and eventually apprehended him. 

Avigdor Schatz, the security officer of the Binyamin Regional Council, called the attack “a very serious incident. This is an indication of the increased number of terror attacks in the region." 

“We are experiencing more rock throwing and firebomb incidents. There had been a break, but it appears we are returning to the previous situation where attacks were common," he continued. 

Schatz's remarks followed news that Israel's Security Agency released statistics demonstrating that terror attacks have steadily risen as negotiations continue. 167 terror attacks were reported in November 2013 - more than double the 82 incidents reported before talks began in July. 

מחפשים את המחבל
מחפשים את המחבלcredit: פלאש 90
credit: פלאש 90
credit: פלאש 90
credit: פלאש 90
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