Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett
Jewish Home Chairman Naftali BennettFlash 90

In a Facebook posting Monday, Economics Minister Naftali Bennett attacked the Haaretz newspaper, saying that it published only negative reports about his Jewish Home party and Judaism in Israel in general.

“In recent months Haaretz has been running an organized and precise campaign against the Jewish identity of Israel,” Bennett wrote. “Various groups, in conjunction with Haaretz, have been leading the battle. They have had articles that deny the connection between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel, and others against visits by students to Jewish sites.”

The latest scandal, said Bennett, was “an organized campaign that paints circumcision as 'primitive,' 'dangerous,' 'a pagan ritual,' and more. For 3,800 years this has been the chief connection between the Jewish people and G-d.”

The campaign against circumcision, Bennett said, has nothing to do with “having pity on children who are forced to undergo this ritual. It is just a desire to turn Israel into a 'state of all its citizens,' divorced from Judaism. Israel must be a state like all other states, like Sweden, Holland, or Belgium. Is there no limit to what Haaretz is willing to do?”