Moshe Cachlon
Moshe Cachlon Ofer Amram

Moshe Kahlon, a popular former Likud politician who served as Communications Minister and Welfare Minister before surprisingly quitting politics, is reportedly planning a comeback.

According to Channel 10 TV, Kahlon has been holding meetings lately with teams of advisors, to plan the founding of a new political party that will run in the coming national elections.

Kahlon apparently does not intend to return to Likud, where he grew up politically, from humble beginnings.

The former MK has reportedly been discussing “social and economic issues” with his teams of advisors, in an effort to come up with an original platform.

His announcement last October that he is leaving politics came as a great surprise, because he was considered to be one of the most popular figures in Likud.

"I have decided to take time out and not contend in the Likud list for the next Knesset," Kahlon wrote in a short statement.

"I support Likud under Netanyahu's leadership," he added, "and I have agreed with the prime minister that I will be part of the 100 Days' Team, on the economic and social subjects and the advancement of reforms in the next Knesset, under the leadership of Likud and Netanyahu."

Netanyahu promised to appoint Kahlon to head the Israel Lands Authority, in a statement he made just 36 hours before the national elections. The statement was dismissed at the time as an election ploy, and in fact, Netanyahu never appointed Kahlon to the position.