King David's Tomb
King David's Tomb Flash 90

Anonymous vandals took advantage of the recent massive snowstorm to desecrate King David's Tomb in Jerusalem. All of the newly donated religious holy books were stamped with the name "Academy - King David."

The incident was reported by the office of Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall and the Holy Sites. After the vandalism was discovered, managers of the site delivered an official complaint to the police.

Rabbi Rabinowitz's office emphasized "the holy books were donated for the benefit of those praying at King David's Tomb, which is managed by the National Center for the Development of Holy Sites, and does not have a connection to any academy or Torah institute."

"In the last year the site was renovated by the National Center for the Development of Holy Sites, the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Antiquities Authority as it fitting and becoming to the burial location of David, King of Israel. Many use the site for prayers and reading psalms," noted the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

The Foundation added "there is no yeshiva (Torah institution), beit midrash (Jewish study hall), and all the more so no academy at the tomb's hall."

In July concerns were raised that Israel might be negotiating with the Vatican to hand over control of the holy site. Deputy Foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) denied these claims.

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