Michael Reagan, son of former US President Ronald Reagan, spoke in a special interview with Arutz Sheva about the ongoing negotiations between Israel and the PA, the situation with Iran, and Israel's security needs.

Reagan spoke from the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates in New York, at an event dedicated to the memory of the Righteous Gentile Raoul Wallenberg, who saved thousands of Jews during the Holocaust. The event was organized by Dr. Joseph Frager, who has been tireless in his efforts to strengthen the State of Israel. 

"I think that the US has put Israel in a very tough situation, having to do with Iran," Reagan related. "The United Stated has sworn to protect Israel - and what we're doing is certainly not protecting Israel and her people from massive destruction." 

Reagan explains that people today suffer from apathy regarding the situation in the Middle East, as most Westerners have not experienced the same hardships or patriotism that Israelis have in trying to protect their country.

"I think it's going to ultimately up to Israel to make a determination for what they need to do to protect themselves," he explains, "when it should be the United States of America being strong to make sure Iran does not do what she wants to do."

"Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right," Reagan declared. "Ronald Reagan did that; Raoul Wallenberg did that; and Israel is most likely going to have to do that."

Regarding the negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority: "When Israel conforms with negotiations, and agrees to give up prisoners, it comes back to haunt them," he noted. "Those prisoners come back to kill, hurt, and maim more Israelis."

"I don't think the Palestinians really want peace," he continued. "I don't think they've really ever wanted peace; I think they want Israel."

Reagan maintained that US support for Israel is important for the future. "I think that if the United States doesn't stand up and say, 'We're with Israel - 100%,' then the fights and the battles are going to in fact continue" - a situation undesirable for all parties involved.

"It is time for peace, but it is time for the Palestinians to, in fact, want it," he concluded.