Vera Koppel and Michael Reagan at the event
Vera Koppel and Michael Reagan at the event Arutz Sheva

Vera Koppel, a Holocaust survivor saved along with her family by Righteous Gentile Raoul Wallenberg, who saved tens of thousands of Jews from genocide, told her moving story to Arutz Sheva.

Her account can be seen in this unique interview:

Koppel related the tangible fear during the Holocaust. Raised in a religious family in Budapest, her family tried to emigrate to Israel but was stuck in Hungary. In 1944 her father was taken to a concentration camp, while she moved to a house designated for Jews with her mother.

They heard about Wallenberg, a man handing out documents granting Swedish governmental protection, and finally were able to obtain the crucial document.

Koppel spoke after an event held at New York's Young Israel of Jamaica Estates synagogue to commemorate Wallenberg, a Swedish businessman and diplomat who helped save Jews in Hungary from the Nazis.

Among other methods, Wallenberg issued thousands of Swiss passports in Budapest and set up a network of shelters. He confronted SS troops as well, causing a serious curbing of Jewish expulsion.

The memorial event was organized by Dr. Joseph Frager, an active figure defending Israel and strengthening the state in the international arena. Michael Reagan, the son of former US President Ronald Reagan, also took part in the event.

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