Rabbi Mordechai elon
Rabbi Mordechai elon Flash 90

The Jerusalem Magistrates' Court sentenced Rabbi Moti Elon to six months' community service for the offense of sexually molesting a male student. Rabbi Elon said that he will appeal the conviction.

The rabbi was also sentenced to a suspended sentence of 15 months in jail, for a period of three years, and was ordered to pay the complainant 10,000 shekels, to be paid within three months.

The state prosecutor had asked that Rabbi Elon be sentenced to one year in jail, while his attorney asked that the sentence be in only the form of community service. The rabbi had been offered a plea bargain that did not include jail time, but he refused to admit any guilt.

Judge Hagit Mak Kalmanovich convicted the rabbi in August of performing an indecent act with a minor, while taking advantage of being in a position of authority. He was also sent to a Dangerousness Evaluation at the Center for Evaluation of Dangerousness, where a psychiatrist found him to have a low-to-meduium level of dangerousness.

Rabbi Elon was cleared by the court of one of two charges brought against him. Judge Mak-Kalmanovich rejected his denials.

The rabbi's case has rocked and torn the religious-Zionist world, in which Rabbi Elon was a central spiritual figure until the allegations against him surfaced.