Traffic Jam on Route 1, December 15 2013
Traffic Jam on Route 1, December 15 2013Flash90

Jerusalem's roads are slowly beginning to reopen Sunday. 

Highway 1 from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv has reopened to private vehicles after being opened to public transportation earlier Sunday. Motorists are advised to take the Arazim tunnel (Route 9) to access the Highway and proceed from there, according to Maariv

However, transportation back into the city from Tel Aviv is still restricted to public transportation and emergency vehicles for the time being.

Icy conditions have rendered roads slippery, the police stated, warning motorists not to be fooled by the sudden sunshine. "Adjust your route to travel conditions," the police warned motorists Sunday afternoon. "Please heed police guidelines, as we try to ensure travelers' safety as much as possible." 

The inter-city train route is also open again, to help relieve the influx of stranded passengers returning from Jerusalem in the storm's wake. 

Public bus transportation within Jerusalem is still on hold for the time being, according to the Egged website. The Jerusalem Light Rail is also shut down due to an influx of snow. 

Route 443 has also just re-opened, as of early Sunday afternoon. Officials say the road should be clear enough for a permanent reopening, despite earlier reports that the area had been hit particularly hard by the raging snow- and rainstorm. 

Trains reopen
Trains reopenFlash90
More traffic on Route 1
More traffic on Route 1Flash90
Light Rail closed in Pisgat Ze'ev
Light Rail closed in Pisgat Ze'evErnie Singer
Snow: light Rail closed in Pisgat Ze'ev
Snow: light Rail closed in Pisgat Ze'evErnie Singer