IDF exercise
IDF exercise Israel news photo: Flash 90

A series of 26 tents at the Ben Ami Army Base in central Israel contain the makings of a new military field hospital recently purchased by the IDF. It will be the first field hospital in Israel to serve soldiers and civilians during emergencies, the IDF said.

The hospital is being operated by the IDF's Technology and Logistics unit. The purchase of the hospital's components was authorized after research undertaken by the unit, led by General Koby Barak.

The tents are set up with an electrical generator and air conditioning system, along with water purification capabilities. Among the features of the tents is a full operating theater, patient rooms, emergency treatment equipment, and equipment for services like CAT scans, X-Rays, lab work, and computers for electronic record filing. In essence, the field hospital provides all of the services of a regular hospital, albeit on a smaller scale.

IDF soldiers over the past several weeks have been conducting drills surrounding the hospital's deployment – setting it up quickly, ensuring that equipment works, and shutting it down in the need of a quick evacuation. Doctors and nurses in the IDF's medical corps have been participating in the drill as well.

The hospital, said Professor Yitzchak Kreiss, the IDF's top medical officer, "will replace or enhance existing medical facilities, to ensure proper field treatment in the event of a major catastrophe. One great advantage of this hospital is that it can be set up on a partial basis, or in full mode, depending on circumstances and need."

"We can even help out in communities in the event that civilian hospitals are damaged or overloaded," he added.

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