Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett
Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett Flash 90

Dozens of members of the hareidi religious community who are members of National Service units are urging a boycott of an event which will feature an appearance by Economics Minister Naftali Bennett. The event is a benefit for the National Service system, but the protesters say that they will not attend, in order to prevent Bennett from using them as “proof” that his position on drafting hareidi yeshiva students into the army is justified.

Members of the group issued a petition that read “we are members of the hareidi religious community serving Israel in the National Service Corps. We do this willingly and out of a desire to work on behalf of our country, without compromising the religious traditions that have been handed down to us.

“We incessantly try to convince other members of our community to follow our example,” the petition continued. “We do not wish to become part of the 'show' that Minister Bennett is planning, 'showing off' his hareidi recruits and using us as a way to justify the coercive drafting of yeshiva students. We hereby inform all members of the community that attending this event is not required, despite the heavy pressure and threats being put on them by the administrators of the National Service, who want to look good in front of the 'boss.'

“We will not be part of an event that Bennett will use to 'prove' that he has hareidi religious support for his policies,” it said.

The writers of the petition have chosen to remain anonymous, they said, in order to prevent anyone from imposing sanctions on them.