Trojan horses threaten computer users
Trojan horses threaten computer usersThinkstock

The ESET company has revealed the top three threats to Israeli computer-users for the month of November. All three are viruses that have been spread primarily on Facebook and YouTube.

The top-ranked threat was the JS/FBOOK virus, a Trojan horse virus spread over links on YouTube and Facebook. The virus is spread via links on popular sites that lead to websites that spread the virus.

Once it is on a user’s computer, it tracks the person’s internet use and collects passwords and other sensitive information.

In second place was a virus called Agent which spies on users.

In third place was a Trojan horse virus that managed to spread rapidly in wake of a scandal involving popular singer Eyal Golan. The virus was spread via links that claimed to lead to a video with evidence of Golan’s alleged misdoings.

When computer users clicked on the links, they were then directed to download an application that would allow them to see the video. However, the “application” was in fact the virus, which, once installed, was able to download more viruses, and to send virus-ridden links to users’ friends.

ESET warned computer users against clicking on provocative links, and even more so against downloading anything to their computer that website advertise as necessary in order to view certain content.

Those who have clicked the link in question should scan their computers for viruses, and are advised to change their Facebook password as well, the company said.

ESET also issued a reminder to follow general internet safety guidelines by avoiding downloading applications from an unknown source, and making sure to have an effective, updated anti-virus program running.