Mother and baby
Mother and babyIsrael news photo: Flash 90

An Israeli woman faced a parent’s nightmare Tuesday afternoon when she was attacked by three Palestinian Arab carjackers on a highway in the Binyamin region. The terrified woman was dragged from her car and left at the side of the road as the thieves drove off in her car – with her infant daughter still in the backseat.

Thankfully, police found the car a short time later, with the baby alive and well in the backseat.

The thieves had apparently not realized the young girl was in the car, and when they noticed, decided to abandon the vehicle. The car was found near the Palestinian Authority town of Dir Azbiya.

Two weeks ago, a female driver from the town of Gitit was targeted by Palestinian Arab carjackers as she drove in the Binyamin region. The would-be thieves blocked the woman’s car and began to hit her door with a metal rod, demanding that she exit.

The attackers were scared off when they saw another vehicle approaching. Police later arrested four men in connection to the attack.

The attack was just one of many violent car thefts to have taken place in the Binyamin region this year. Police have warned Israelis to be particularly vigilant.