Ahiya Klein
Ahiya Klein Courtesy of the family

Second Lieutenant Ahiya Klein experienced a Hanukkah miracle: after losing his sight last month in Gaza clashes, he has recovered enough to have returned home this past Shabbat, according to Sunday's Yediot Aharonot

Klein even lit the tradtional Hanukkah candles with his family, as well as friends who reportedly came in from all over the country to wish him well. 

"It's a Hanukkah miracle," Klein's mother Nira stated. "After Shabbat he returned to the hospital for more treatments, in the hopes that his eyesight will only continue to improve." 

Klein was blinded by a Hamas bomb attack last month, as he and 5 fellow IDF soldiers drilled into a dangerous Gaza terror tunnel. He was the worst injured by the attack, and concerns were high that he would be blinded for life. 

Earlier this month, however, Klein began making a remarkable recovery. He has regained at least partial eyesight in his left eye, a major improvement since the direct aftermath of the attack.