Evyatar Borovsky's son gives Dad a last hug
Evyatar Borovsky's son gives Dad a last hugIsrael news photo: Flash 90

A military court in Samaria has sentenced the murderer of Evyatar Borovsky of Yitzhar to life and another 20 years in jail. Borovsky was murdered at the Tapuah Junction on April 30, at the age of 31. He was an actor in a children's theater troupe, and the father of five children, the oldest of whom was seven years old.

Tzofia, Evyatar's widow, was not satisfied with the sentence Tuesday. "The only legitimate sentence in my eyes is the death sentence," she said. "I will not be surprised if, a few years from now, the foul murderer will be walking free, equipped with a full bank account and an academic degree."

Tzofia expressed similar forebodings in July, when the court convicted the murderer. "I wish this base murderer a death of torment," she said then, "but it is really useless to put him in jail, when one takes into account that he will be released in one swap or another, and will use his time there for academic studies free of charge, and the high standard of living that the state of Israel gives the murderers of its citizens.

"The continued court proceedings and jailing of the murderer until the next release of murderers, which will take place sooner or later,” she accused, “creates a false impression of justice, when the reality is that of a circus.

"The government's twisted formula, which makes possible the release of murderers even without the completion of the jail period they were sentenced to, teaches our enemies that our blood is free for the spilling. The Nation of Israel must awake.”

Evyatar Borovsky, known to friends as "Napo," was a popular local figure and children's entertainer, who participated in therapeutic psychodrama, which incorporates role-playing and improvisation in an effort to enable others to overcome traumatic experiences. Evyatar was born in Kfar Hasidim. Besides working in the theater, he was part of the security team at Yitzhar.

He was fatally stabbed in the back by Al-Zaghal as he stood at Tapuah Junction in Samaria.

Ezri Tovi, spokesman for Yitzhar, said following the sentence, "We are pleased with the court's decision to jail the depraved murderer for many years, but unfortunately, experience proves otherwise. The trend of releasing prisoners by the Israeli government makes these verdicts ridiculous and untrustworthy."

The community of Yitzhar is strategically located deep inside the ancient Biblical land of Samaria, and its residents have withstood numerous terror attacks over the years.

Israel used to allow terrorist prisoners to enroll for university studies in the Open University. This practice was stopped a few years ago.