Admiral Jonathan Greenert and Commander Ram R
Admiral Jonathan Greenert and Commander Ram RIDF Spokesperson Unit
US Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan Greenert visited Israel on Sunday to reaffirm ties between the two forces amid shifting military influence in the region.

At the meeting, the Commander of the Israeli Navy Ram Rothberg said that "the joint activities of the Israeli and American navies are of the utmost importance. The navy welcomes the American Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Greenert. During the visit the abilities of the various naval tools were presented and strategic discussions were held concerning the cooperation of our forces."

Video from the meeting can be seen here:

Admiral Greenert's visit comes at a time when many experts discern a power shift in the Middle East.

Senior military analyst Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney spoke to Arutz Sheva last week, warning that the US is giving up Egypt, a key ally in the region, to Russia. He further warned that the American administration is "unilaterally disarming the US military."

General McInerney's warnings followed the US withdrawal of several warships from the Middle East less than a week after Russia sent its most powerful nuclear-powered warship into the Mediterranean.

The current visit by Admiral Greenert to strengthen military ties between Israel and America also comes just after long time US ally Egypt signed a $4 billion arms deal with Russia designed to give Egypt parity with the IDF.

Admiral Greenert's visit to Israel IDF Spokesperson Unit
Admiral Greenert meets the Israeli Navy
Admiral Greenert meets the Israeli NavyIDF Spokesperson Unit