Another day, another anti-Semitic attack in New York City: Samuel Pearl, a young religious man in his twenties, was viciously attacked last weekend outside of his Boro Park home, The New York Post reports.

The culprit: more local gangs participating in the anti-Semitic "knockout game," which seeks to tally as many assaults against local Jews as humanly possible. 

As Pearl returned home from work last weekend, the assailants punched him in the face, leaving him incapacitated on the ground outside his home. "They were talking in loud voices about the game," Pearl stated to Arutz Sheva, "[when] one of the men challenged his friend and taunted him."  Then he was attacked. 

Anti-Semitic attacks have become the norm in Brooklyn as the "game," which is believed to be spreading among local gangs, has been systemically targeting residents in religious garb. Brooklyn police say that over 8 attacks against local Jews have been reported within the past 2.5 months. A special Hate Crimes unit of the New York Police Department has reportedly been assigned to monitor and stop the attacks. 

While many of the attacks have been on religious males, the game has disturbingly targeted women and children, as well. Arutz Sheva covered the attack of a 12-year old boy last week; video footage from CBS covering the game's threat to a 78 year-old woman is above. 

As CBS reports, social media may be helping the "game" continue, as participants attempt to show off their potential for violence. "This was simply a wanton act to hurt another human being," one victim's daughter stated.