Fatah official says Israel enemy of all natio
Fatah official says Israel enemy of all natio Screenshot

A Lebanese-based Fatah official spoke on Palestinian Authority (PA) official TV recently, claiming that former PA Chairman Yasser Arafat taught "all liberation movements in the world" that Israel is the "prime enemy...of all nations in the world."

According to Fatah's Director of Communications in Lebanon, Rifat Shanaah, Arafat was involved in liberation movements "in South America, in Asia, in Africa, and had a part in all these revolutions."

Shanaah's statements, broadcasted on November 10, claim that Arafat taught these movements "that the prime enemy is the Zionist movement, the Israeli entity."

He further called Israel "the racist entity, the enemy of all nations of the world" that "bears responsibility for insecurity everywhere because Israel exists in order to create conflicts - sectarian and ethnic conflicts in the Middle East."

This is not the first case of anti-Semitism or conspiracy theories from the PA or PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's organization Fatah, which calls for the "eradication of Israel" in its charter.

Recently a PA youth newsletter published a list of Adolf Hitler's "words of wisdom," while the PA Minister of Religious Affairs on PA TV claimed Jews poisoned Arafat "like they poisoned (Islam's) prophet Mohammed."