Friendly bunch: Hamas mark year since Gaza Op
Friendly bunch: Hamas mark year since Gaza Op Flash 90

Despite a reported 98% drop in rocket attacks on Israel since last November's "Pillar of Defense" counterterrorism operation, last month's "terror tunnel" and recent skirmishes along the Israel-Gaza border have reminded Israelis that the war with Hamas is far from over.

And that is true not just on the physical battlefield, as both sides continue to fight for hearts and minds in the media.

Most recently, an attempt to improve its image, Hamas appointed it's first female spokesperson - although her previous employment record, including a stint at Iranian state TV, is an indicator of her own Islamist credentials.

But the Israeli response has not been long in coming. Yesterday, in an attempt to remind international audiences of Hamas' less friendly side, the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson's unit published a short handbook on the movement - in the form of a comic book.

"Hamas in Comics: Terror and Tyranny in Gaza" focuses on the Islamist group's abuses of human rights, including the deliberate targeting of Israeli civilians and indoctrination of young children.

It also focuses on women's rights (or the lack thereof) in Hamas-run Gaza - female spokespeople notwithstanding - noting that women are forbidden from smoking or dancing in public and face restrictions on what clothes they are allowed to wear.

The comic book ends with a declaration that "The IDF will do everything in its power to stop Hamas' terror and protect the people of Israel.

Visit the IDF blog to view the comic book.