Protesters in Toronto raise Hizbullah flag
Protesters in Toronto raise Hizbullah flag Israel News photo: Screenshot

The Student Union at the University of Toronto - Scarborough has officially approved the introduction of "Israeli Apartheid Week" to its campus roster, Shalom Toronto reports.

"Israeli Apartheid Week" is a campaign of anti-Israel propaganda funded by the extreme Leftist Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which aims to put international pressure on Israel to submit to the demands of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. 

Anti-Semitism in Canadian campuses has swelled over the past year, with many radical students openly supporting the Palestinian Arabs and opposing Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. Already, several University of Toronto campuses - in Regina, York, Toronto, and Carlton - have approved anti-Israel activities, openly embracing the BDS movement since being approached by pro-Palestinian Nationalist groups in 2005. 

Just last week, security personnel at York University in Toronto, Canada arrested members of a group called Students Against Israeli Apartheid who held a loud rally on campus. 

The news follows reports of a BDS-funded SodaStream boycott in Vancouver, as well as reports that the Hillel at York University in Toronto, Canada, has decided not to take action against an anti-Israel mural which hangs on the wall of the university’s student center.