The IDF Homefront Command is holding an exercise simulating 3 earthquakes striking various parts of Israel within 24 hours. The drill has brought various rescue and medical delegations to Israel, among them 8 volunteers from ZAKA's international unit.

The four-day exercise completes preparations of more than a year for a coordination system, and is being held in cooperation with government agencies and officials abroad.

A series of recent earthquakes have raised fears of a serious disaster. Expert Dr. Avi Shapiro warned in late October that a major earthquake could strike Israel at any time.

In response to the danger, the government has stepped up preparations, especially as inspections recently revealed 1,500 schools are in high earthquake danger.

Zvi Gluck, ZAKA USA Chief of Operations, spoke to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday while in Israel for the exercise.

Gluck noted that his organization primarily works to bring bodies of Jews who passed away in foreign countries back home for burial. They furthermore participate in search and rescue missions following natural disasters and terrorist attacks.

ZAKA, an abbreviation which stands for "Disaster Victim Identification," ensures a proper burial for victims according to Jewish law.