Aryeh King
Aryeh KingFlash 90

In an exclusive interview with Arutz Sheva this Friday, Jerusalem councilman Aryeh King of the "United Jerusalem" faction spoke about the recent leftist campaign calling for his removal, his commitment to enforcing the building law in eastern Jerusalem, and the status of his fellow United Jerusalem councilman Shmuel Shkedi.

King spoke to Arutz Sheva as he was on his way to the Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer to visit Shkedi, who on Thursday suffered a stroke. King was unsure of Shkedi's status, which Srugim reported to be critical.

Regarding the campaign calling to remove him from re-elected Mayor Nir Barkat's coalition, King remarked that "if only they had started the campaign two months ago, we would have received two more mandates." United Jerusalem received two mandates in the recent elections.

King reports having spoken to Barkat and being told that they "think alike on 95%" of the issues. He did not anticipate that Barkat would cave to the leftist pressure to have him removed.

Groups like Tag Meir (Bright Tag), backed by the leftist New Israel Fund, were behind the campaign, King noted, predicting that they were afraid he would bring change to the municipality.

King certainly intends to bring change.

Responding to recent reports of a mass demolition of illegal Arab building in eastern Jerusalem in the near future, King said that while he was not behind the recent increase in enforcement of the building law, he would use his post to increase enforcement even further.

In joining the coalition King became chairperson of the Environment Committee and Deputy Chairperson of the Emergency and Security Committee, as well as a member on the regional Planning and Building Committee.