Border Guards (archive)
Border Guards (archive)Flash 90

Alert IDF soldiers were able to foil a terrorist attack at a checkpoint near Bethlehem on Thursday evening.

A Palestinian Authority Arab terrorist who was armed with a knife arrived at the checkpoint and tried to stab a Border Guard officer who was stationed there.

The terrorist was shot by the soldiers before he could carry out his plan. He was listed in moderate-to-serious condition and was subsequently pronounced dead. IDF soldiers are searching the area to determine whether there are additional terrorists.

The incident marks the second time in several hours that a terrorist attack was foiled.

Earlier on Thursday, a terrorist was shot dead after he used a flare gun to fire at Israeli civilians at a hitchhiking stop at Tapuach Junction, in Samaria. No Israelis were hurt.

A soldier who was stationed in an IDF position near the hitchhiking stop fired at the terrorist after he opened fire on the civilians.

On Wednesday night, terrorists fired on IDF soldiers and attempted to run one officer down. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The incident began when IDF soldiers began tracking a vehicle that had left the Palestinian Authority Arab town of Naalin and was driving toward the nearby Israeli city of Modiin.