Video footage from November 4 documents the day's fighting between rebel and Syrian army forces in all sectors, and shows the extent of the destruction which has overtaken Syria.

The video was uploaded by channel Eldorar Alshamia, which has been identified with the rebel forces.

Syria has seen its current civil war stretch into a third year, with an estimated 120,000 killed since November 2011.

In the Damascus area, the video shows mortar shells fired at Syria army tanks in the area of Al-Kaboun, mortar fire on the Al-Mleiha village in the rural area around the city and on the air force headquarters in the area, along with heavy machine gun fire in other rural parts of Damascus.

In north Syria, 120 mm heavy mortar fire is seen employed against army forces in the Homs region, along with rocket fire over the night around Homs, and exchanges of fire in the corridor leading to Aleppo.

In Aleppo itself, rebels attempted to prevent army forces from breaking into the Great Mosque of Aleppo (Umayyad Mosque of Aleppo) with tanks and armored personnel carriers (APCs). Furthermore, they fired 120 mm mortars on the military airport of Nirab, killed Hezbollah fighters in the Aleppo area on a routine patrol, and shelled other areas in the region.

In the south, three army positions were blown up with high explosives, and a hostage was captured in Suwayda.

The fighting appears to be intensifying, as the Syrian army is planning a large-scale Damascus assault in the near future.

Meanwhile, chances of a Geneva 2 peace conference bringing breakthroughs have been dampened this week as rebels refused to attend unless the removal of President Bashar Assadis the main agenda, and Assad regime's refuses to join talks aimed at his stepping down.

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