Wounded soldier wheeled into hospital, 31.10.
Wounded soldier wheeled into hospital, 31.10. Israel news photo: Flash 90

IDF officer, Second Lieutenant Ahiya Klein, who was wounded Thursday by a Hamas bomb in Gaza, woke up Sunday afternoon at the Soroka Hospital after being under anesthesia and has begun to talk and communicate with the people around him.

His condition is still serious, however, and he will require additional surgery at later dates.

The hospital's doctors said that they are optimistic about the condition of the officer's eyes.

Second-Lt. Klein was the most badly wounded of the five officers and soldiers injured in the blast.

Soroka Director Dr. Ehud Davidson said Sunday morning that Klein is no longer in mortal danger. “His injury is burns and his central poblem is eyesight. Right now, it's a little early to say where it is going, but we hope to see an improvement in coming days. The rest of the wounded are in light condition and we are optimistic about them.”

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