Hamas terrorists in Gaza
Hamas terrorists in GazaFlash 90

Iyad Abu-Rok, official spokesman of the Gaza Arab 'Tamarod' movement, expressed his confidence that the expected anti-Hamas campaign scheduled for November 11 will proceed as planned. 

In an interview with Al Quds Al-Arabiya this past Friday, Abu-Rok explained that the main goal of the protest, in which Gaza residents will flood city streets in a demonstration of civil disobedience, is to topple Hamas's draconian control of the regional government - a government which disgruntled Gazans claim has taken away residents' rights, committed crimes against its own people, and completely destroyed the freedom of speech by using force to crush opponents. 

Abu-Rok claims that two-thirds of Gaza residents back the Tamarod movement, and that since the official announcement was made of their mission, some 300 people have already been arrested by Hamas for allegedly expressing support. 

Tamarod is currently engaged in a rallying cry of public support, by spreading the word through social media, graffiti, and other unconventional campaigns to rouse Gaza's residents to act against the terror state next week.

While the fall of Hamas may ultimately prove good for Israel, Tamarod also presents a threat in its own right; the rebel group declared this past summer that its next target - after Hamas control in Gaza, of course - is Jewish control over the State of Israel. The movement was originally formed to dethrone then-Egyptian president Muhammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood administration.