Illustration: Egyptian Soldiers
Illustration: Egyptian SoldiersFlash 90

Three Egyptian policemen have been shot dead at a checkpoint in northern city of Mansoura, in the Nile Delta.

The attack occurred at dawn Monday morning, and was carried out by three men in a car and one on a motorcycle according to a security source in the city.

Egyptian state-run news agency Al-Ahram reports that 60 spent bullet casings were found at the site of the ambush.  Police are presently searching the scene of the attack but no arrests have yet to be made.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack which is part of an ongoing upswing in violence since then-President Mohammed Morsi was deposed by the Egyptian military in July and replaced by an interim government.

Police have often been targeted, with one of the deadliest cases being an August attack which saw 25 security men killed in the Sinai peninsula, the hub for most of the attacks.

The state has conducted a crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood since Morsi was deposed, and since August over 2,000 members and supporters of the Brotherhood have been arrested while over 1,000 are figured to have died.  

Morsi and Brotherhood officials are set to stand trial next week for inciting the killing of protesters while in office.