Givat Ronen (archive)
Givat Ronen (archive)Flash 90

Farmer Amit Oren of the village of Givat Ronen in Samaria (Shomron) saw his livelihood wiped out literally overnight in July 2013. Thieves infiltrated his hilltop town and managed to make off with his entire flock of goats.

Now, a generous donor has given Amit and his family a chance to start over.

Doron Porer, a farmer from the moshav (agricultural community) of Nahalim, saw Arutz Sheva’s report regarding the Oren family’s plight. He recently contacted Amit and offered him a generous gift: 25 young goats.

“He told me that he understood what we were going through, and he wants to give us a large number of baby goats,” Amit Oren told Arutz Sheva.

The donation “warmed my heart,” he said. He expressed hope that he will manage to rebuild his entire flock.

There is tremendous importance in maintaining the flock, and in Jewish agriculture in Samaria in general, he said. “This is what safeguards the land of Israel, the place where our forefathers walked. Our presence here, that’s what ensures that the Arabs won’t come close, because when we aren’t here, they come,” he explained.

Israeli residents of Samaria, backed by security analysts, have argued that their communities are what stop terrorists in the region from targeting central Israel.

Since the theft in July, residents of Givat Ronen have maintained their own round-the-clock guard over the community, Amit Oren reported. After the July theft residents had expressed a lack of trust in IDF soldiers, who they said did nothing to stop the thieves.

“Just this last Saturday night there was another attempt [to infiltrate Givat Ronen], the IDF noticed suspicious figures in the valley. So it’s really never boring here,” he said.