Moshe Lion
Moshe Lion Flash 90

Moshe Lion, who ran for mayor of Jerusalem and lost to incumbent Nir Barkat, addressed the many supporters who gathered at the Ramada Hotel in the city on Tuesday night.

"My intentions were certainly sincere and true, and I hope that in any case the mayor, no matter who he is, will take residents into account a little better next term than was the case last term.”

Almost final results show that Lion, who was supported by MKs Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beytenu) and Aryeh Deri (Shas), received 45% of the votes compared to 51% of residents who voted for Barkat.

"This is the time to thank my good friend Avigdor Lieberman who made a ​​sincere effort to do good in Jerusalem,” said Lion. “As you know I did not run to get a job, despite it having been presented that way [by the opposing camp].”

Lieberman, who spoke as well, said, “It is clear that, if in such a short time, Moshe received more than 40% of the public’s support, it is a huge achievement. He who knows how to win should also know how to lose. I'm sure that he will continue to contribute to Jerusalem.”

Barkat addressed his supporters as well later Tuesday night, saying, “The elections were not easy. It was a complex and difficult race but tonight the residents gave us a mandate for another five years."

Barkat promised that he will leave no sector of Jerusalem residents behind and added, "I call on all parties and communities in Jerusalem to look forward. We need to work together and put rivalries aside. This is not the time for score settling but rather for hugs."