IAF rescue
IAF rescue Israel news photo: Flash 90

Two hikers who lost their way in the Judean Desert Sunday were located Monday morning. Initial reports said they are in good condition.

The hikers, aged 20 and 18, managed to make a phone call Sunday in which they said they were in the area of Nahal Hever and Nahal Arugot, and had become lost.

The Etzion Rescue Unit, together with the Ein Gedi and Arad rescue units, began searching for the hikers. When night fell, a military helicopter and a police helicopter joined the search teams – but the all-night search found no trace of the hikers.

The forces were not able to reestablish phone contact with the hikers.

At dawn, search teams from the Megillot Rescue Unit joined the search effort. There was added concern for the hikers' health because they were dressed in summer clothing, and the night was a very cold one.

The two were located in the morning.

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