This evening's traffic jam along Route 1
This evening's traffic jam along Route 1Arutz Sheva

Two people were moderately wounded this evening (Saturday) in a major car accident involving more than 20 vehicles. 

Six others were lightly wounded in the accident, which occurred westbound on Route 1 between the Shoresh Interchange and Sha'ar HaGai, and involved both cars and at least one bus.

The road has been closed by emergency services, resulting in heavy traffic in both directions.

The Israeli Police's Traffic Division reported that in addition to the multiple injuries the crash has resulted in a sizable oil spillage across the road, prompting the road closure.

They added that the road will be reopened as soon as it is cleared.

Authorities have urged motorists to find alternative routes in order to avoid the massive tailbacks which will take some time to clear even once the road is reopened.