Hesder yeshiva (illustrative)
Hesder yeshiva (illustrative) Israel news photo: Flash 90

The Hesder yeshiva (academy combining Torah study and army service) located in the Jordan Valley has relocated to the community of Brosh in the Jordan Valley, where a retired senior IDF Officer was brutally murdered by Arabs a week ago.

Shariya "Yaya" Opher was killed last Thursday night by PA Arab assailants. Five suspects were later arrested by the IDF.

"Immediately after the murder we felt a need and motivation to go and go and light up the place," a statement from the yeshiva explained. 

The yeshiva first submitted its request to move to Brosh to the Jordan Valley Regional Council and the Housing Ministry. After getting the OK, and after consultation with the IDF, the yeshiva said it "accepted the mission."

"We feel a sense of purpose in strengthening the settlement of communities in the Jordan Valley," the yeshiva said, adding that the move continued the legacy of the patriarch Abraham who toured the Land of Israel, so that his descendants would find settling the land easier.

The yeshiva added that its move to Brosh was meant for the benefit of all of the Jewish People and the whole land of Israel.