EagleFlash 90

The latest “Israeli bird spy” is an eagle, according to Hezbollah.

On Wednesday, the Lebanon-based terror group reported on its television station Al-Manar that an eagle that was caught by recreational hunters in the town of Ashqout was planted with a spy transmitter, and a copper piece that was attached to its leg had captions associated with the Tel Aviv University and Israel.

The network broadcast an image of the alleged “Israeli spy", claiming that "Israel has used spy birds in the past: in Saudi Arabia in 2010, in Turkey in 2012 and in Egypt, in 2013 and all were found to be used as listening devices.”

Arab countries have claimed several times over the past year or so to have caught animals sent by Israel as spies.

Turkish authorities announced in May 2012 that they had found a bird used by Israel for espionage purposes. In December, officials in Darfur also announced that they had found an Israeli “spy eagle.”

Israeli officials confirmed that the eagle bore a tracking device, but explained that it was for the simple purpose of tracking the bird itself, as part of a study to ensure the safety of the rare species.

In the past, an Egyptian official complained that the Mossad released attack sharks into Egyptian waters. Most recently, Egypt claimed that a “Zionist spy duck” had been caught in the Nile River.

Palestinian Authority Arabs have made claims regarding attack boars and anti-Arab rats, also allegedly operated by Israel.