Home Front evacuates missile attack victim
Home Front evacuates missile attack victim Israel news photo: IDF

The IDF held its annual memorial ceremony Tuesday for soldiers in the Home Front command who died during their IDF service.

A total of 420 Home Front soldiers have fallen in Israel’s history.

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz spoke at the ceremony and emphasized the important role that Home Front soldiers play. “In these days in particular, you, the Home Front soldiers and commanders, are responsible for a considerable part of the Israel Defense Force’s ability to protect citizens,” he said.

“The soldier on the front lines can carry out his mission security in the knowledge that you are helping and protecting his family, and all of Israel’s citizens,” Gantz declared.

The Home Front Command’s capabilities play an important role in other ways, as well, he continued. “The home front’s ability to continue functioning is a major factor for decision-makers regarding any future conflict, and the job of the Home Front Command is to help that happen,” he explained.

“The citizens of Israel can sleep soundly, secure in the knowledge that the Home Front and the IDF are protecting them,” he concluded.

The commander of Home Front Command, Major-General Eyal Eisenberg, said, “Today, with the changes in our region, and the home front is becoming the front line, we can say with certainty that the next war will be different from those that came before. We, the soldiers and commanders of the Home Front, will be on the front lines.”

Also present at the ceremony were soldiers and commander from the Home Front Command, surviving relatives of fallen soldiers, and Minister of Home Front Defense Gilad Erdan.