Anagog Screenshot

Israeli developers have introduced the newest parking solution on the market. 

Anagog, an Israeli location-based technology company, unveiled on Monday an automatic algorithm that can analyze and identify where and when a parking space will be available.

Unlike other services, Anagog company says the technology's automatic nature will update the user instead of the user having to update the system.

The launch for the innovative system included an announcement of cooperation with PARX, the owner of Easy Park, which will allow Easy Park users in 130 countries to receive updates except for reminders to pay parking fees.

The company calls it “the first living parking map of an urban center,” and says that its data has just been built into the Easy Park app.

The technology can interface with navigation systems, cellular service and map providers, car makers, municipalities, transportation offices and more.

“We all saw what crowdsourcing did for traffic and navigation, and we are excited to see this concept brought to the world of parking,” said Parx’s CEO, Ofer Tziperman, referring to another Israeli startup, Waze, a navigation system which was recently bought by Google for about $1.3 billion. 

Anagog has a variety of apps such as FindMyCar, 2Park, OTO, StopPark, and ParkDroid, which help people find their car again after parking. The data accumulated by those types of apps feeds into the open parking spot database, as does data from EasyPark and other partners. Altogether, Anagog says it has about 500,000 users, which enables it to do this:

Yaron Aizenbud, the Co-CEO of Anagog, says that “Anagog’s technology is a ready-made, global solution for navigation systems, cellular operators, map providers, car manufacturers, and municipalities, who are constantly working to provide tailored, real- time information to their audience.” 

As of now, Anagog’s algorithm has been tested in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the press release notes that programs are in the process of being rolled out in Europe and the United States as well.