A video with English subtitles has been released of farmer Boaz Albert’s latest confrontation with police.

Hey, look at this, you’re going to enjoy this,” Albert greeted Border Police officers as they flooded his home in the Samaria (Shomron) community of Yitzhar. He then showed them a complex mechanism that he had used to chain himself to the floor of his home.

I can’t give you that,” he can be heard saying. “I don’t have the key. Someone came and took it, I don’t have the key.”

Police struggled for hours to open the locks on Albert’s chains so that they could handcuff him and take him to a nearby police station.

While they dealt with the locks, police faced resistance on other fronts as well. Dozens of men crowded the Albert home for a Sukkot party, complete with singing and dancing, which had the effect of leaving police with little room to maneuver.

A statement from police said, “When the forces arrived at [Albert’s] home, there were dozens of people at the scene who prevented the forces from reaching him, while using physical violence and throwing rocks, chairs, eggs and water at the officers. [Albert] used a metal chain to bind himself to a device he had prepared ahead of time.”

Extra forces were called in to drag protesters from the home, a process which took three hours, the statement said.

Boaz Albert has repeatedly refused to leave his home in the town of Yitzhar in Samaria (Shomron), despite an administrative order from the IDF ordering him to stay out of the Samaria region. The order was issued without a hearing or trial, and Albert says he has no idea why it was issued.

He has published an op-ed explaining his decision not to obey the order.