International Christian Embassy Jerusalem
International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

CEO of the International Christian Embassy, Dr. Jürgen Buhler said Tuesday that "a dramatic change in the Christian world," is set to positively affect Israel's standing in the world, adding that 50,000 new people joined the Christian pro-Israel forum every day.

Dr. Buhler made the comments in a special press conference held as part of the organizations' Tabernacle Festival, taking place this week in Jerusalem.

"In the beginning of the last century in Latin America, there were 60 million evangelicals, today there are 400 million, even more than the Catholics. Even Africa has undergone dramatic change with ten million Christians at the beginning of the century, to half a billion today, with two-thirds of them evangelicals," he said.

Dr. Buhler added, "I believe that within two decades the Christian population in Africa will reach a billion people, making it the most Christian continent in the world." Another dramatic increase was recorded in Asia, which has 350 million evangelical Christians, 130 million of which live in China.

Buhler noted that the demographic change in the Christian world would have political influence on many of the countries who traditionally pledge support for the Arab world, saying there were already signs of in an increase in pro-Israel policies.

"Take Nigeria, a country which is predominantly Muslim in the North and Christian in the South. This was a country that was pro Arab in the past. Today this country supports Israel, and this is thanks to the growth of Christianity," Dr. Buhler asserted.

Buhler added: "Every day 50,000 people become evangelical Christians, which mean that Israel also has 50,000 new friends every day," telling delegates, "this is good news!"

Also during the press conference, Buhler addressed the persecution suffered by Christians throughout the Muslim world, and criticized the West for brushing aside a sway of media reports on the issue.

He also praised World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder who also slammed the West for its weak stance on the issue. 

"We know what happened to us," Lauder told the Tabernacles Conference, "and we know what happens when the world is silent," adding, "I will not keep quiet when churches are burned in the Middle East and when Christian holy places are desecrated."

Dr. Buhler described Lauder's words as "historical", saying, "I have never heard any Jewish or Israeli spokesperson speaking with such unequivocal support for us."

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