Benny Katzover
Benny Katzover Flash 90

The grassroots Samaria Residents' Council said Saturday that the abduction and murder of Sgt. Tomer Haazan was made possible by the existence of a large breach in the separation fence between Israeli and Palestinian Authority (PA) territory, near Shaarei Tikva.

The murderer and his victim passed throught the breach, members of the Council said, in order to reach the Arab villages next to the community. Thousands of PA residents pass through the same breach daily, on their way to work in Israel. “Residents of the communities in the area warned repeatedly that terrorists could pass through the breach but the security establishment did not take action to stop the phenomenon,” activists said.

The breach became a part of a major route for illegal entry into Israel, the activists added, following a High Court decision to take apart the security fence at that location and change its route. They accused: “Radical leftist organizations, which filed the motion to the High Court, following which the route became a major route for smuggling illegal workers, cannot say this evening 'Our hands did not shed this blood.'”

The security officer of Shaarei Tikva, Lior Farhi, was murdered about a year ago when he was run over by a vehicle smuggling illegal workers through the same breach. Benny Katzover, who chairs the Council, said Saturday evening: “Since the murder of Lior Farhi, a few dozen meters from where the soldier Alon Hazan was murdered today, the security establishment had a whole year to block the breach. Unfortunately, today we received a reminder that nothing has been done.”